St. Jakub Bridge, city parks in Olsztyn


City of Olsztyn

  • Completion in 2016

  • City of Olsztyn

  • Olsztyn

  • 10 ha.

  • 2014

  • Maciej Jacaszek, Rafał Jacaszek, Karol Szulc

Project of connecting Podzamcze Park, Central Park and Plac Jedności Słowiańskiej (part of the park) with the simultaneous reconstruction of the St. Jakub and S. Pieniężnego and S. Staszica streets in Olsztyn. The area has a unique character, which grows from the historical heritage (the cathedral and fortifications in the form of walls and embankments) and the vicinity of the Łyna River and the existing planned and implemented green areas of the city. The aim of the design strategy is to introduce the necessary measures to create a friendly recreational urban space and adapt it to the current functional and communication needs.

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