Marina on Lake Ukiel in Olsztyn


Water and Ice Sailing Center in Olsztyn


City of Olsztyn

Olsztyn, Słoneczna Polana
  • Water and Ice Sailing Center in Olsztyn

  • Completion / Constructed / Realization

  • City of Olsztyn

  • Olsztyn, Słoneczna Polana

  • 3 100 m2

  • 2 425 m2

  • 11 490 m2

  • 2015

  • Maciej Jacaszek, Rafał Jacaszek, Grzegorz Porębski, Piotr Karaś, Alicja Jacaszek

The detailed design of an all-year sports and recreation infrastructure at the Ukiel lake in Olsztyn was created after a win in an architectural competition (a consortium with Piotr Bąk and Grzegorz Dżus companies).

The buildings are integrated with the surrounding area. Their roofs are designed as “green roofs” and are natural continuation of the existing hill. The site development plan is directed towards a maximum “restoration” of nature and landscape qualities of the place.

The area design includes two major buildings: Sailing and Winter Sailing Centre and a hangar with boat rental point and boat repair workshop.

The buildings are “clasped” with an amphitheatre square with a view of Olsztyn panorama. The facilities are equipped with modern and ecological heating and ventilation systems.

The project entails also a construction of piers with 100 mooring places, all-year luge track, cable skiing course and sport pitches.

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