A theater and concert hall in Suwałki


City of Suwałki

  • Completion

  • City of Suwałki

  • Suwałki

  • 6 539,2 m2

  • 2 918,3 m2

  • 21352,7 m2

  • 2012

  • Rafał Jacaszek, Maciej Jacaszek, Grzegorz Porębski, Roland Kwaśny, Bartosz Zamorski, Jarosław Folwarski

The facility has two basic functions: a theater and concert hall for about 700 people with facilities for artists and a community center with a chamber hall for about 100 people, along with thematic rooms for theater, music and art exercises. The building was designed in a way that allows independent operation of both functions.

The concert and theater hall in Suwałki (EASTERN WALL) is by definition based on an impresario activity, consisting in presenting performances made by various theater groups from Poland and abroad. Performances of drama theaters, dance theaters, concerts (including philharmonic) and exhibitions will be organized here. It is also possible to organize conferences, local and international festivals, and TV shows. The building, and the stage in particular, must be multifunctional and technologically prepared to organize various events that will require multiple, efficient and quick preparation by specialized personnel. A good example is the realization of such objects in recent years in the Benelux countries where the standard is staging 300 different performances annually.

To implement these assumptions, we used stage technology innovative on the Polish market. The Theater and Concert Hall in Suwałki is the first facility in Poland with such advanced solutions in the field of stage mechanics.

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