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Suwałki Culture Centre Interiors

Suwałki Culture Centre Interiors

Public utility


The City of Suwałki


Floor area:
6 539,2m2

2012 r.

Rafał Jacaszek, Maciej Jacaszek,
Grzegorz Porębski, Roland Kwaśny,
Bartosz Zamorski, Jarosław Folwarski

Integrity and comprehensiveness are the factors of an essential importance for the quality of space inside and around the building. There must be a planned relation between the interior and the outside. The example of the Theatre and Concert Hall in Suwałki shows our attempt to emphasise the audience and stage both in the block of the building and its interiors. It was the major idea of the project which combined architecture and interior design.
The block of the audience merges with the multilevel foyer. It is clearly exposed and functions as the central element of the whole structure. The audience itself is designed in dark colours, made with natural wenge wood completed with a colour dominant. The use of only two colours allowed for creating a balanced, elegant and comprehensive concept. The colours and the material emanate all over the building through numerous details.
Another important space of Suwałki Culture Centre is the atrium located in the educational section of the building. It is designed as a hall lit by the glass roof and functions also as an art gallery. Its exposition walls were finished in light neutral colours in order be a good background for works of art. The floors were designed as a counterbalance to the walls – natural linoleum in the colour of dark graphite clearly contrasts with vertical planes.
2 main staircases function as the space dominant of the interiors. They were designed as firm and monolithic structures finished with natural wenge wood. The communication in the building is to be a contradiction of the labyrinth. While designing the building, the major idea was to intermingle its different functions and views. The aim was to let students of various arts peer from all access area at professional actors and dancers practising in their rooms. We functionally connected the large professional stage with a small amateur one, the gallery with foyer, music and dance rooms with the main hall.