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Sports and entertainment hall in Suwalki


Object: [/ h6] Sports hall

Type: [/ h6] Sports facility

[H6] Phase: [/ h6] Executive

Investor: [/ h6] City of Suwałki

Location: [/ h6] Suwałki, Zarzecze


Usable floor area: [/ h6] 6,629 m2

Building area: [/ h6] 5 446 m2

Area of the plot: [/ h6] 63 500 m2

Date: [/ h6] contest: 2016r. technical documentation: 2017r.

Team: [/ h6] Restudio Maciej Jacaszek, Rafał Jacaszek, Artur Dubis, Mateusz Butkiewicz

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The main idea of the project is the spatial and functional integration of the sports and entertainment hall with the stadium and its surroundings. The hall is dedicated to sporting events (volleyball, handball and basketball) and stage events (concerts, performances, etc.). A place for over 2,000 spectators was planned. The building was connected to an existing building, which allows for the use of the premises (to avoid duplication of functions). The building’s mass has been visually reduced.