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“Aquasfera” recreation and sports centre

“Aquasfera” recreation and sports centre in Piłsudzkiego Street in Olsztyn

Sport facility


The City of Olsztyn


Floor area:
20188 m2

6712 m2

Plot area:
38258 m2


Maciej Jacaszek, Rafał Jacaszek, Grzegorz Porębski, Roland Kwaśny, Bartosz Zamorski

The centre was opened in the beginning of 2012. It is an example of an optimum multifunctional organisation and interesting consolidation of a building with public space and recreation areas.

Neat integration of the building’s silhouette with its natural setting, and “opening” of the main swimming pool hall towards green park areas resulted in the effect of merging the interior with surrounding landscape. The users of the centre have almost a feeling of swimming in a natural environment of the park rather than in a closed space of the hall.

Versatile functions of the Aquasfera mingle with each other. View relations between pool halls, main lobby and restaurant were carefully planned. The building is an opposite of a labyrinth, openly revealing its attractions to a potential user. The Olympic pool as well as recreational pools and spa section can be seen from open access areas.

The trough of the Olympic swimming pool is equipped with an innovative technology of a movable floor by a Dutch company Variopool.

Aquasfera centre was awarded a title of “The Sport Facility of the Year 2012” in the competition organised by Polish Club of Sport Infrastructure.